Which Bank For Savings Account? (Correct answer)

Best online savings accounts rates of January 2022

Bank APY Minimum Balance
Marcus by Goldman Sachs High Yield Savings 0.50% APY $0
Synchrony High Yield Savings 0.50% APY $0
Popular Direct Ultimate Savings Account 0.45% APY $5,000
Capital One 360 Performance Savings 0.40% APY $0


What are the best banks for saving accounts?

  • Here are the 10 best bank savings accounts selected by GOBankingRates: Synchrony Bank. CIT Bank. Nationwide Bank. Ally Bank. Barclays Bank Delaware. Marcus by Goldman Sachs. American Express National Bank.

Which bank is best for savings account?

Top Banks that have the Best Savings Account for Individuals

  • State Bank of India (SBI) Savings Account.
  • HDFC Bank Savings Account.
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank Savings Account.
  • DBS Bank Savings Account.
  • RBL Bank Savings Account.
  • IndusInd Bank Savings Account.

Is SBI good for savings account?

SBI has best Internet banking and its very fast and easy to access any one. I am using this savings account more than 10 years, if i withdrawal cash more than 5 time no charges. Mostly i am not taking cash at ATM. I maintain salary cum saving account with SBI.

How do I deposit money from mpesa to KCB account?

How to transfer money from M-PESA to a KCB account

  1. Go to your M-PESA menu,
  2. Choose Lipa na M-PESA,
  3. Enter the PayBill number 522522,
  4. Enter the KCB account number you are transferring money to and the amount.
  5. To send money, enter your M-Pesa PIN and confirm.
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How do I register for KCB mpesa?

Activate KCB M-PESA in four easy steps

  1. Go to your M-PESA menu.
  2. Select ‘Loans & Savings’
  3. Select ‘KCB M-PESA’
  4. Click on ‘Activate’

Which bank has the lowest interest rates in Kenya?

Cheapest Bank loans in Kenya

  1. Central bank of Kenya. The central bank of Kenya (CBK) has the benchmark as the best lender with 9% interest rate.
  2. Victoria Bank. This is one of the cheapest banks that offer loans at a subsidized rate.
  3. KCB.
  4. National Bank of Kenya.
  5. HDFC Bank.
  6. Stanbic Bank Kenya.
  7. HF Group.

Which bank gives monthly interest on savings account?

New Delhi: IDFC First Bank is offering a monthly interest credit facility on all of its savings bank accounts. Effective from July 1, savings account interest will be credited on a monthly basis. As per Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulations, banks credit interest to depositors’ accounts on a quarterly basis.

Which one is better SBI or HDFC?

Some of the key results of the comparison between the two banks are: Lowest Interest rate of SBI Loan is 9.60%, which is lower than the lowest interest rate of HDFC Bank at 10.25%. Therefore, HDFC Bank can be a better option if you are looking for a high value amount.

Can we have 2 SBI accounts?

There is nothing illegal for a person to have two Bank accounts with SBI with same identity proof. Accordingly you can apply to open a new account in another branch of SBI without any hesitation and remember to write the previous account number in the exact field in the form to take the advantages.

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