What Is Indian Bank Cif Number? (Solution)

Another method to find CIF numbers in Indian Bank is by calling customer care services. Call the Indian Bank customer care, they will ask for your name and account number and you can get your Customer Information File Number or CIF number.

Where is CIF number in Indian bank passbook?

You can find your CIF number on the first page of your passbook just below or above your bank account number.

What is CIF number in Indian Bank Cheque book?

Customer Information File (CIF) contains the valuable banking information of an account holder in a digital format. Every file is assigned a unique number which pertains to every bank customer. In the State Bank of India, CIF is an 11-digit number which gives the bank detailed information about a customer.

Where I can find CIF number?

How to Find a CIF Number? Customer Information File Number is usually available on the passbook or in the chequebook of some banks. It is usually on the first page of the passbook or the chequebook.

What is CIF number in bank details?

Customer Identification File, or CIF number in general, is an electronic, 11 digit number that contains all the personal information of the customers of the bank. It is also otherwise called Customer Information File.

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Is CIF and account number Same?

It links all relationship of the bank like savings account, fixed deposit or loans. In simple terms CIF Number is your customer number with the bank and all your accounts are linked to the same CIF number.

Is CIF number different for everyone?

No, a bank makes CIF only once for a customer. After that, the same CIF number will be used for all customer accounts in that Bank.

How can I know my CIF number in State Bank of India?

Passbook – The CIF number can be found in the passbook. Check the CIF number written at the bottom of the first page of the passbook. Customer Care- You can obtain your CIF number by calling the SBI helpline.

How can I register my CIF number in Indian bank?

How to do Indian Bank net banking registration

  1. Step1: First of all, open the internet banking website for Indian bank on your computer or mobile: https://www.indianbank.net.in.
  2. Step2: Click on Register Online option from the homepage.
  3. Step3: Now, the net banking registration form opens on the screen.

How can I get 10 digit CIF number?

Central Bank of India CIF Number consists of 10 digits. And it can easily be found in your Passbook, Cheque book, e-statement.

How can I get my CIF number online?

You can either log in on the SBI official portal through your net banking credentials and know your CIF number or you can download the YONO SBI app and after logging in in the service option, you’ll find the option of ‘online nomination’; post clicking on that you will be able to see the CIF number of your SBI account.

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